Monday, July 30, 2007

The Real JB

Sorry to post this, but a bench player of mine (who has been getting a run since Wirrpanda has been out) had an awesome game on Saturday night...

Troy a couple of months back has this to say about him:

"I recon before the weeks games you should have a look at the amount of people in the country that have selected Jarrod Brennan. Then, at the start of next lockout, have a look at how great that difference has become. Divide the difference by 100, if your answer is 600 or more, and you are one of these statistics……give yourself an uppercut. I must warn you, I’m bulimic, yes, I can read minds. I know how many DTers are not going to be able to resist Brennan up in the top 5 on the leader board, and at such a bargain price. Yes I must admit, you will be instantly rewarded with a price increase, however, it will be short lived. Rest in peace though, you will not be alone in your disappointment, there will be thousands of DT bargain hunters like yourself, hanging their head in shame wishing for that "precious" trade to be returned. Ps. Ice your lip."
Well.. Warnie stuck by the big gun.. and all I've got to say is:

Kicks: 45 pts
Handballs: 0 pts (haha.. good DTing)
Marks: 30 pts
Tackles: 16 pts
Frees Against: -9 pts (oooh...)
Hit Outs: 1 pt
Goals: 42 pts
Behinds: 5 pts (good work, 12 out of 15 kicks were shots at goal)
Thanks to the real JB for 130 fabulous points...

Warnie xx

ps... I wan't some of Troy's insightful words again... they were brilliant! Where are you Troy Boy?!

All-Australian DT

Well.. kinda DT, kinda not... if you want ANOTHER challenge in your little DT world, then this could be for you: The Coke Zero AFL All Australian Game. Wow!

Basically, (I haven't looked at it properly yet) you pick who you think is going to be All Aussie players and you get points and can win some prize... check out the details here: and maybe you can be awesome at this too...

But, whatever you do... don't let it interupt training/trading for a big DT finals campaign...

Warnie xx

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mmmmm... Doughnuts!

The story of this round are the 'outs' which will hurt many DT coaches who are fighting for a position in the 8. Many, including my DT Talk vidcast conterpart, Roy, are saving their trades for the finals... but, it seems, trades may have to be used! Especially when some of these dudes are the big guns.

These are some of the guys who are out this week, and the amount of DT coaches who are scratching their heads over what to do:

Justin Koschitzke (90,581), Lindsay Gilbee (62,443), Tom Hawkins (44,116), Xavier Ellis (35,697), Paul Chapman (24,711), Leo Barry (21,482), Andrew Walker (17,359)...

Lindsay "Girls Name" Gilbee has been the big news of the round. Lounge rooms, bars, water coolers and forums have been filled will talk about who to trade him out for - as he will be out for at least the first week of (DT) finals.

With many injuries and suspensions, our bench guys are having to play and can prove to be the difference between winning and losing those important end of season games! But if they are on that injury list too (take note of Xavier Ellis and Tom Hawkins this week)... then 'ouch' !!

So many equations are going through my head... this week determines whether I finish in the top 4 or not! Being Simpsons week - we are all like Homer and love our 'Doughnuts', but not the DT kind!

Warnie xx

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DT Talk Episode #7

Now, I don't know if this will work, but here goes... DT Talk Episode #7 is now online for your viewing pleasure!!

See "10 Questions in 10 Seconds" with Tackling Tit-ed, a skit about the "DT Player of the Week" (which is much more pro than anything we have ever done!), "Gamble-Vin", answer a letter and the sensational "Chop's Chopping Block"...

Watch it now:

Warnie xx

Letters to Calvin

We don't have enough time to answer all questions on the DT Talk vidcast... so, I have decided to post some questions here (especially ones that we do answer, but run out of time to put on the show). So here goes:

Jarred wrote: "hello fellow dream teamers. i am in a league wit my mates and with 2 weeks to go just sitting outside the 8. i have james hird sitting on my bench and want to no whether or not it is worth keeping him or to get rid of him? signed concerned dreamteamer"

Thanks for your letter Jarred! I can't believe you still have Jim! Now, as a Bombers supporter, I love him, but as a DT coach - he's gotta get the 'chop'! Do you not read the fantastic injury update site ( or check out the great updates on the AFL site ( or even read the Herald Sun site ( Jim will be out for at least 2 more weeks, and with you needing wins to make the 8: CHOP, CHOP, CHOP HIM!

Alright, well... you didn't say which position... whether you are double trading, etc... so here are my tips!

If he is a centre - sell him for either Enright (good form, on the rise) or Judd (if you don't have him, nows the time to pounce)... if he is a forward for you - knock him off for Cloke (yeah I hate him too, but is in good form) or O'Keefe (nice and consistent, average is on the rise)...

Warnie xx

Sheeds says senore

Another coach bites the dust. As with Neale Daniher, Chris Connolly and Denis Pagan before him, Essendon legend Kevin Sheedy was today lauded for the professional and manner in which he conducted himself at the press conference which announced his "dignified" exit.

It'd be a nice change if some of these blokes went beserk at these things. You know, like Sheeds shattering the desk with the face of the CEO of the club he's coached for 27 years. Like Pagan popping a journo in the eye when he reminds him how successful he was at Arden St. Like Daniher trashing the room and launching into a profanity-riddled tirade against his players in response to a question about all those yo-yo years. Like Connolly taking a leaf out of his star forward's book and mooning the media pack.

Anyway, we've got our hands on a transcript of Sheeds' speech. In one section, he says:

"This decision is directly related to an improvement in my Dream Team form this year. Yep, I'm ripping it. After a couple of seasons languishing in last place, Kev's All-Stars have a real shot at making the eight in my league. I'm therefore retiring to focus all my energy on getting my team into the DT finals. Fuck Jimmy Hird, I'm making Jimmy Bartel captain this week. Oh, and all you Herald Sun journos: SuperCoach sucks the big one."


DT Talk Vidcast

Good morning! This is a bit of a test, as the great man, Chook, has struck a 5-figure deal with us to get our thoughts written down here on the original (and best) DT Talk Blog!

Anyway, I know I can never write as good as Chook, but I am just letting you know that the new DT Talk Vidcast (Episode # 7) will be available at our YouTube site later tonight! We have a couple of segments that need to be filmed this afternoon and will hopefully have it online mid-evening! If you haven't watched the show ever before... check it out at and hopefully you can get hooked - and maybe even call yourself a fan! If you would like to write to us, leave a comment here, or email us at!

Hopefully you will hear some insightful comments from all of us on here from time to time!

Warnie... xx

(sorry Chook for bad grammar and shit)...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New crew

Can't get enough of those likable blokes who put together the DT Talk vidcasts each week? They don't know it yet, but, after some serious wheelin' and dealin' at the trade table, Vince Misdom and Merv Gray have been axed to make way for our on-screen superheroes Warnie, Roy, Chopper, Vin and the Vin Twin.

Don't fear, the boys will still pump out the weekly talk show that's so far beamed Nathan Bock, Graham Polak and, most importantly, FanFooty supremo Monty into your lounge rooms. Now, though, you'll get all the advice and insights that couldn't fit into a 10-minute YouTube episode.

Welcome on board, fellas.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

DT Talk Episode #6

Watch this now.

Gamble-Vin returns. The Vin Twin debuts. AFL players chip in. It's just all-round awesomeness.

Watch it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

DT Talk Episode #5

We've come to expect laughs on the DT Talk show, but now we're getting teary, too.

The DT Talk team announce the departure of panelist and all-round legend Calvin, who, if the rumours are to be believed, has been headhunted by ESPN to front their fantasy NFL coverage in the US.

On a lighter note, the boys ponder the merits of a DT vice-captain, Vin gives us the latest captaincy odds and Chopper does what he does best - chop.

Calvin, Sandilands is the only one happy to see you go.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cash cows come home

Dream Team farmers, it's time to go to market.

Two of this season's best cash cows, Melbourne middie Ricky Petterd and turbo-boosted Essendon forward Alwyn Davey, are on their respective clubs' long-term injury lists after serious ouchness struck in round 14.

Dees doctors reckon Petterd was only minutes away from death after he suffered a collapsed lung in Sunday's match against Carlton. They say he's a slight chance to play again this year, but I wouldn't be holding your breath (ED: unassailable leader for worst pun of the year). If you got on him before his third game (and subsequent price rises), Petterd would have made you about $120,000.

Davey, meanwhile, would've netted you a nifty $150,000 if you had him from week one to last weekend, when he snapped his arm. He's due to miss 8-10 weeks.

Trades will be dictated by the needs of each team, of course, but there'll be a fair buch out there looking to upgrade Petterd to one of the bevy of prime-movers currently at bargain-basement prices. Scottie West has dropped to $330k (but wait for his injury verdict first), Nick Dal Santo's still around the $300k-mark, Kane Cornes is at $375k with a breakeven of 200-plus, Heath Scotland costs about $325k and Simon Black's a steal at $275k (just don't tell Chopper you brought him in).

Even DT points leader Jimmy Bartel has dropped under $400,000 for the first time in yonks after injury cruelled his efforts in the past two weeks. He needs a Jason Dunstall-like score of 226 to breakeven this week, though, so it'll pay to bide our time.

Finally, you'll need to bench Daniel Kerr, Dustin Fletcher and Mark McVeigh this week after the tribunal tonight handed them all one-game bans.

Merv Gray.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'll have the Brown-Clarke combo, thanks

There'd be a fair bit of saliva on keyboards across the country this week as DT coaches drool over the addition of Richmond's messiah, Nathan G. Brown ($235,600, fwd), and Collingwood's quick-learning kid Marty Clarke ($69,600, ctr) to their teams.

Both are set for big price rises (Brown up almost $40k and Clarke a mighty $60k) if they maintain the impressive form shown thus far. In fact, Clarke's breakeven score of -101 is the second lowest after Melbourne cash cow Ricky Petterd's -105 in round 8.

Brown looms as a juciy option for those who, like the Carlton Football Club, have lost patience with must-have-a-spear-in-his-head forward Brendan Fevola, while Clarke will provide back-up to those midfields with doubts over Chris Judd and Jimmy Bartel.

You'd have thought Clarke would have been pushing his case for the best Irishman in the AFL tag again this week, but Sydney defender Tadhg Kennelly looks set to snatch back that mantle after another speedy recovery.

Merv Gray.

DT Talk Episode #4

This has been up for a while now (sorry, guys), but that doesn't make it any less watchable.

This week, Warnie lauds his team after it soared into the 2100s, Street Talk makes it debut at a recent "fun"-ction, and, because it's Heritage Round, the boys revisit one of their shows from the mid-90s. Banana.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bartel looking S-H-to-tha-izzarp

Geelong coach Mark Thompson reckons DT points leader Jimmy Bartel will pull on the boots this Friday night, despite being rushed to hospital during the Cats' round 13 clash.

Thompson said: "At tha moment he's in, its a day-to-day th'n yeah yeah baby. Today he was really bubbly, bright n alert. There was a shawty bit of doubt yesterday, thats gizzy today, he might come in tomorrow wit a few problems. We're just gonna have ta wizzy probably until Friday ta see killa he's really clear n S-H-to-tha-izzarp . Tru niggaz do niggaz."

Oh, hang on, that was what DT enthusiast and gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg said about Bartel.

Here's what Thompson said.

"At the moment he's in, it's a day-to-day thing. Today he was really
bubbly, bright and alert. There was a little bit of doubt yesterday, that's gone
today, he might come in tomorrow with a few problems. We're just going to have
to wait probably until Friday to see whether he's really clear and sharp."