Thursday, August 30, 2007

DT Talk Episode #12 Grand Final Edition

Part One

This is part one of the 'movie length' (oh well, 20mins) Grand Final Edition of DT Talk! In this video we find out about Warnie making the Grand Final against Vin, have a listen to some of our mates talk about DT this year, catch up with Vin in the USA, our opinion on possible changes to the DT competition for next year - please vote NO, We check out the latest odds in Gamble-Vin, answer a letter from a girl and let you know how you can be in our DT Talk Finals league (code: 648912). Make sure you watch part two after this one! Get on it!

Part Two

This is part two of the 'movie length' (oh well, 20mins) Grand Final Edition of DT Talk! We finally announce the centres, rucks and forwards (along with the bench) in our DT of '07, some more questions from our friends, an ad (in the jungle one day.. in a land far away.. haha..), Chop goes on a rampage at the MCG and we get a visit from the great man - live in the studio! Fantastic stuff! Make sure you have watched part one first! Get on it! Keep an eye out for the Mad Monday episode next

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bomber Bartel Out For Season

A possible Brownlow Medalist, but more importantly, this year's best DT player, Jimmy Bartel will be our for the rest of the (Dream Team) season. He has had surgery to remove his appendix, but the club is hopeful that he will be back for finals. This doesn't help the 48,000+ DT coaches that have been happy with his 2288 points this year at an average of 114.4 points per game. A massive spanner in the works leading into the Preliminary Finals.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

DT Talk Episode #11 - Prelim Final Edition

Here is this week's installment of DT Talk the YouTube show. Stay tuned next week for a HUGE Grand Final week show - something special up our sleeves! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thursday, August 09, 2007

DT Talk Episode #9

Watch it now.. its good!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Captain Selection: Round 18

Here are my 'hot tips' for captain selection this week:

Gary Ablett Jnr: averages 90pts vs Richmond (inc. 129 in rd 6 this yr)
Bomber Bartel: averages 90pts vs Richmond
Jonathon Brown: averages 85pts vs Kangaroos (last 3: 75, 141, 100)
Peter Bell: averages 100pts vs WC in the last 13 games
Chad Cornes: averages 82pts vs Adelaide (last 3: 115, 126, 137)
Tyson Edwards: averages 89 in last 7 games vs Port Adelaide
Brett Kirk: averages 84 vs Melbourne (last 4: 129, 129, 68, 126)
Heath Scotland: averages 84pts vs Collingwood (last 3: 123, 112, 98)
Dane Swan: averages 97pts vs Carlton (last 3: 123, 136, 114)
Scott West: averages 90pts vs St Kilda (named but in doubt)

I would be looking at the ever reliable Chad Cornes (who loves the SA derby), the Brownlow Medal favourite Gary Ablett Jnr, or Jonathon Brown (who is starting to find some form).

Warnie xx

Last Roster Game: Ins and Outs

Many DT coaches (amount of coaches in brackets) welcome back Justin Koschitzke (87,648), Lance Franklin (75,585), Scott West (60,239), Dustin Fletcher (35,032), Xavier Ellis (33,959), David Wirrpanda (28,444), Tim "who" Boyle (22,176), Sam Mitchell (21,224) and Aaron Davey (15,711).

Over 65,000 coaches will be scratching their heads over Aaron "weak arse shit" Sandilands who will miss the rest of the season due to a hernia. Other notable guys out this week (and possibly longer - check for updates) are Cameron Bruce, Matthew Lappin, Anthony Koutoufides, Scott Pendlebury, Corey Enright and Des Headland.

That is meaning there are a lot of 'big guns' out still. Being the last DT roster games this round, and many spots in the finals being hinged on this weeks results, coaches are having to make some big calls! Have a good think about your position in the 8, is it worth trading?

Trades will be valuable in finals... an injury could be the difference between winning and losing! And the difference between some big bucks too...

Good luck this week!

Warnie xx

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

DT Talk Episode #8

This week we discuss our "Players of the Week"... We check out how each of us went with our "Gamble-Vin" bets and place our bets for this round... Cross to Vin in the USA for "Letters to Calvin"... and we give another player the chop on "Chop's Chopping Block"... along with some other fantastic banter between your favourite footy show panellists!

This is the last "Roster Game" Episode of DT Talk... So be keen for what we have in store for you during the finals - starting next week...

Warnie xx