Sunday, September 30, 2007

DT Talk Finals League - The Results

Congratulations to Jarryd with his DT, "Penultimate Team". He wins a DT Talk Bocks Set of the 2007 episodes, a DT Talk T-Shirt and we'll throw in a stubby holder too. Nice work!

(league rank, team name, coach, score this week, total points, national ranking)

1. Penultimate Team - Jarryd - 7984 - 20675 - 16th
2. The Gunny Bombers - Luke - 9128 - 20645 - 22nd
3. Pusti Malakas - Peter - 8112 - 20582 - 42nd
4. loco_dice - Corey - 8064 - 20550 - 51st
5. Dare to Dairy - Gregory - 8048 - 20547 - 54th

Other league members of interest:

10. destROY - ROY - 7848 - 20485 - 166th
36. Calvinator - VIN VIN - 8036 - 19956 - 1277th
64. Warne Dawgs - WARNIE - 7844 - 19526 - 4341st
82. Merv Gray Autos - CHOOK - 7656 - 19392 - 5717th
100. I'm Not Harrpppyyy - CHOPPER - 7756 - 19133 - 8746th
126. Tackling Tit-ed - TITTA - 7764 - 18522 - 16406th

If you missed out on the grand prize, email us at and we can arrange to see you a t-shirt or stubby holder - to set you up for next years DT Season!

Thanks to all who entered our league.. we've had a ball! Check back here later in the week for the final episode of the DT Talk YouTube show!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DT Talk Episode #16 - Grand Final Preview

We learn that ROY is sitting pretty - 3rd in DT Talk League and 13th in the nation! Good work big boy! We announce our answer to the Brownlow - the DT Talk Awards (original title huh?!)... with best and worst game, DT Sinners, best DT Talk moments and more! We also check out the biggest Chop's Chopping Block of all time and finally announce who everyone should have as captains this week!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Captain Selection - Grand Final

This is the business end of the season, do or die, and all of that other crap... Quadruple points means that your captain is a very valuable man (score over 125 and you join the 1000 club). Every is probably thinking about the same captain, but there are some others here to consider. Some of the top choices are as follows.


Gary Ablett Jnr. 2007 Average: 98.5, Career Average: 73.4
vs Port - Average: 73.1, Last 5: 98, 93, 65, 64, 89.

Jimmy Bartel. 2007 Average: 114.4, Career Average: 86.0
Vs Port – Average: 87.0, Last 5: 111, 114, 182, 52, 63.

Paul Chapman. 2007 Average: 102.5, Career Average: 78.8
Vs Port – Average: 71.8, Last 5: 109, 80, 83, 84, 50.

Joel Corey. 2007 Average: 104.0, Career Average: 80.4
Vs Port – Average: 73.0, Last 5: 70, 94, 84, 104, 109.

Steve Johnson. 2007 Average:94.8, Career Average: 70.8
Vs Port – Average: 70.3, Last 4: 90, 75, 88, 40.

Cameron Ling. 2007 Average: 79.8, Career Average: 83.3
Vs Port – Average: 79.8, Last 5: 61, 96, 94, 106, 84.

Port Adelaide

Shaun Burgoyne. 2007 Average: 79.9, Career Average: 70.1
Vs Geelong – Average: 85.3, Last 5: 112, 87, 122, 55, 63.

Peter Burgoyne. 2007 Average: 89.3, Career Average: 74.0
Vs Geelong – Average: 65.1, Last 5: 65, 37, 77, 88, 52.

Domenic Cassisi. 2007 Average: 87.5, Career Average: 61.0
Vs Geelong – Average: 49.8, Last 5: 74, 78, 58, 45, 27.

Chad Cornes. 2007 Average: 101.2, Career Average: 82.2
Vs Geelong – Average: 90.8, Last 5: 117, 109, 121, 85, 77.

Kane Cornes. 2007 Average: 107.4, Career Average: 84.2
Vs Geelong – Average: 93.4, Last 5: 114, 145, 131, 76, 68.

Best of luck - choose wisely! And cheer on your DTers on the biggest day on the AFL calendar.

(Stats from Monty's awesome Fan Footy site -

DT Talk Finals League - Week 3

Wow.. Big news for DT Talk fans.. Our Super Hero and Super Host, Roy has made the top 13! Yes, top 13 of the whole world in DT! Good work big gun! And we can't take anything away from Jarryd who is 2nd in the nation.. or even the consistent Jackson whos is 11th. The DT Talk league has some stars! Good work people! Lets see if one of us can win the car!

(league rank, team name, coach, score this week, total points, national ranking)

1. Penultimate Team - Jarryd - 6333 - 12682 - 2
2. KEK OMG - Jackson - 6204 - 12543 - 11
3. destROY - ROY - 6372 - 12528 - 13
4. The Gunny Bombers - 6231 - 12517 - 14
5. Dare to Dairy - Gregory - 6312 - 12499 - 22

Other league members of interest:

43. Calvinator - VIN VIN - 5835 - 11902 - 1449
59. Merv Grey Autos - CHOOK - 5956 - 11727 - 2861
64. Warne Dawgs - WARNIE - 6144 - 11673 - 3457
96. I'm Not Harrpppyyy - CHOPPER - 5646 - 11368 - 7441
138. Tackling Tit-ed - TITTA - 5466 - 10758 - 18199

The Grand Final is next week - for quadruple points!! That means four lotsa the points you normally get!! So... captain selection is important! You can choose up to 12 players from either team... do your research and if the car can't be yours, maybe the DT Talk T-Shirt and DVD Bock's Set can be!

A reminder to all DT Talk fans to get onto a DT Talk T-Shirt or Stubby Holder on eBay by clicking here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All Australian DT Scores

Here comes the nerdyness of the DT Talk boys. How many points would the actual 2007 All Australian Team get if they all got their average one week (rounded to the closest whole number).

B: M. Scarlett (64), D. Glass (41), D. Milburn (85)
HB: A. McLeod CAPT (84), M. Egan (42), C. Brown (59)
C: K. Cornes (107), J. Bartel (114), C. Cornes (101)
HF S. Johnson (95), J. Brown (94), B. Harvey (96)
F: B. Johnson (100), M. Pavlich (102), C. Mooney (77)
R: D. Cox (101), D. Kerr (93), G. Ablett (99)
INT: B. Lade (76), D. Fletcher (84), J. Corey (104), C. Ling (80)
TOTAL POINTS: 1982 points

Not that great! However, if the DT Talk Team of 2007* got their average it would look something like this:

B: A. Carrazzo (100), J. Bowden (95), J. Sinclair (88)
HB: T. Lockyer (101), A. McPhee (89), J. Adcock (89)
C: J. Corey (104), M. Priddis (90), D. Swan (102)
HF: P. Chapman (103), N. Riewoldt (99), C. Cornes (101)
F: G. Ablett (99), B. Johnson (100), S. Johnson (95)
R: D. Cox (101), K. Cornes CAPT (107), J. Bartel (114)
INT: D. Fletcher (84), B. Harvey (96), J. White (87), M. Pavlich (102)
TOTAL POINTS: 2253 points

DT Talk Team of 2007 are easy winners! And Eddie, there are some 'Pies in there!

* This team was announced on the YouTube show towards the end of the season.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Injury Update - Finals Week 3

The final four teams battling it out for a Grand Final berth are pretty close to full strength, which is nice for DT coaches.

Collingwood's Josh Fraser should return after being a late withdrawal last week (which hurt some DT's). Matthew Egan from the Cats is apparently 'doubtful', but at the All Australian team function thing last night, he said he was right. Watch this space!

News today said that Roos forward Corey Jones will miss the rest of the season with his injured foot and Port Adelaide's Nick Lower and Damon White are a week away from returning.

DT Talk Episode #15

In the 15th installment of the amazingly popular (haha) DT Talk YouTube Show, Roy is delightend in the Chris Judd to Carlton rumours and we check on the DT Talk Finals League after a new ad celebrating DTOPIA (not Septopia as the AFL are calling it). That Chris Crocker 'guy' from the internet (leave Britney Spears alone) isn't happy about the treatment that Nathan Bock has received on the show this year and has some words to say about that! Roy got a letter about a pretty cool Portugese beer. Vin tries to prove to us that you can get pissed on 'lite' beers. We plug our awesome stubby holders and t-shirts (go to and search for "DT Talk") and finally, Chopper 'chops' another player! A sensational episode!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

DT Talk Finals League - Week 2

Well, another huge week in the DT Talk Finals League! We had the extra time in the Eagles v Magpies game (good for some extra DT Points), some blokes who didn't 'buddy' step up this week, late withdrawals and a double points round that made our scores look bigger!

The correct answer for captain this week was Dane Swan with 316pts followed by Matt Priddis (286pts), Dean Cox (278pts) and Shane O'Bree (250pts).

(league rank, team name, coach, score this week, total points, national ranking)

1. Penultimate Team - Jarryd - 4284 - 6349 - 10
2. KEK OMG - Jackson - 4272 - 6339 - 12
3. Project Mayhem - Brent - 4296 - 6287 - 24
4. The Gunny Bombers - Luke - 4254 - 6286 - 25
5. cooney=hack - Alex - 4314 - 6285 - 26

Other league members of interest:

18. destROY - ROY - 4138 - 6156 - 169 (5th in Tassie)
22. Calvinator - VIN VIN - 4006 - 6067 - 404
53. Merv Grey Autos - CHOOK - 3978 - 5871 - 1718
71. I'm Not Harrpppyyy - CHOPPER - 3964 - 5722 - 3861
105. Warne Dawgs - WARNIE - 3642 - 5529 - 8652
150. Tackling Tit-ed - TITTA - 3520 - 5292 - 16745

There are 4 teams left in the AFL Finals Series, which means you can choose players from Geelong, Collingwood, Port Adelaide and Kangaroos. Once again, a maximum of 6 players are allowed from each team and this week it's triple points round.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Official DT Talk T-Shirts

The brand spanking new DT Talk T-Shirts are available for pre-order from eBay. Head on over to and search for DT Talk or click here to go straight to our listed items.

Featuring everyones favourite masked man, Chopper, they contain his catch phrase "I'm Not Happy" on a very tough black shirt!

These professionally made tees will be posted first week of October. Cost of the shirts is $20 each ($5 postage) available in sizes XS-XL. For more info on sizing, head to the eBay page.

Stubby holders are also available with the same print for $10. Buy more than one item, and pay only one lot of shipping!

Get on it!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Juddy is not alright with me.. this week!

Big news is that the Juddernaught - Chris Judd is out with Ben Cousins (ink related hamstring injury). Way not to step up in finals boys... But West Coasters will be happy that Ashley Hanson and Chad Fletcher are back (decent DT point getters).

Kangas got rid of Corey Jones for his god awful DT score (and his sore foot) and Leigh Brown to bring in draftee Lachlan Hanson (can he hit the DT big time this week??!!) and Ed Lower (who??!!).

The Hawks and Magpies have named an unchanged team... but there could be some late withdrawals or injury concerns... (Hodge, Brown, Cloke - but should all play)...

Double points round - don't f*ck it up! Go DT Talk league - biggest in the whole comp!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

DT Talk Episode #14

This week is a jam packed episode with an update of how the biggest DT Finals league is going (yes, our DT Talk League), we hear from an angry Vin in the States who has had a few too many light beers and we check out what Ben Cousins' tattoo really says. Our old mate AB from Perth sent in a new song - so we made a film clip for it - another tribute to Kevin Sheedy called "Sheedy Yeah", this time from the Aboriginal players that he has helped over the years. Chopper is never happy and this week he has a lot of reason to be - 187th in our DT Finals league... pathetic, so he takes it out on some under achieving players from the weekend - a great Chop's Chopping Block! All that and more on everyones favourite YouTube show all about Dream Team!

Injury Update - Finals Week 2

Some big injuries for DT Finals coaches to think about ahead of this weekend's Semi Final matches.

Firstly, the West Coast Eagles will be depleted - say goodbye to Ben Cousins for the year with a torn hammy, captain Chris Judd who has been carrying an "I-can't-run-or-get-the-ball-or-even-make-my-DT-coaches-happy" injury for a while now, is likely to miss this week and Matt Rosa will miss with a stuffed shoulder. Keep an eye on David Wirrpanda's groin and Brett Jones' scone (possible broken nose and cheekbone damage) as both could sit out or if they play, stink it up!

The other concerns for this weekend are the sore knees of Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) and Anthony Rocca (Collingwood). These dudes hurt themselves during the game, but played them out with DT scores of 109 and 111 respectively. Hodgey's team mate, Campbell Brown ran into the goal post on Saturday, but from all reports he is mega keen to play, and probably will.

If you caught any of Monday's new reports, you might have seen Kangaroos' football operations manager Donald McDonald (yes, that is his real name) telling the media about some players with injuries and 'sore spots' as he put them. Behind him, Corey Jones (a pitiful 55 DT points on the weekend) was hobbling along on crutches... maybe we have to count him out!

Monday, September 10, 2007

DT Talk Finals League - Week 1

228... yes that's right 228 people entered the DT Talk Dream Team Finals league and what a hot contest it is! Some very average performances by so called DT guns (Brent Harvey, Joel Corey - we're looking at you!)

(league rank, team name, coach, score this week, national ranking)

1. pixies - Nikita - 2129 - 27
2. PAFCsince1870 - Daniel - 2112 - 53
3. ChipsIsNotGoodAtDT - Jenny - 2090 - 128
4. [insert name here] - kez - 2078 - 198
5. KEK OMG - Jackson - 2067 - 285

Other league members of interest:

7. Calvinator - VIN VIN - 2061 - 341
25. destROY - ROY - 2018 - 1230
106. Merv Grey Autos - CHOOK - 1893 - 9705
110. Warne Dawgs - WARNIE - 1887 - 10415
179. Tackling Tit-ed - jamie - 1772 - 24850
186. I'm Not Harrpppyyy - CHOPPER - 1758 - 26437

I'm sure there are a few coaches out there that aren't happy! Don't forget you can actually "chop" everyone from your team this week and start again. You can have a maximum of 6 players from any one team (just a reminder it's Collingwood, Kangaroos, Hawthorn and West Coast this week) and round 2 of the finals series is worth double points. It's like everyone is a captain! Good luck!

How did you go this week? Where are you ranked? Post your position in the comments.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

DT Talk Episode #13 - Mad Monday Edition

The Mad Monday Episode of DT Talk features Warnie celebrating his DT league win over Vin in style with a lap of honour on Launceston's AFL venue, Aurora Stadium (also see what happens when 'security' come). We announce the HUGE prizes for the winner of our DT Talk finals league (remember to join, league code: 648912) and give you some handy hints leading into the series. Due to popular demand, the vice captains and captains of the DT Talk Team of 2007 are announced with some controversy. We find out who win's the carton on Gamble-Vin and Chop tries to flog off a Kevin Sheedy/James Hird tribute CD (listen to the full versions of these songs at All that and much more on the number 1 DT Show on YouTube!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bartel a certain starter

Geelong coach Mark Thompson has just made the job of being a coach in the all-new AFL finals dream team competition* that bit harder by confirming that gun middie Jimmy Bartel will start in the Cats' qualifying final against the Kangaroos on Sunday.

With a limit of three players from any one team, Joel Corey, Paul Chapman and Gary Ablett were shaping as the obvious must-haves in blue and white hoops. Now Bartel's back, one of them must get the chop. Keep in mind that Bartel took a couple of weeks to warm up after his head injury earlier this season. But, then, Corey, Chapman and Ablett are all prone to the odd poor performance, too.

If you like a punt (like Gamble-Vin), then consider oft-injured Sydney defender Tadgh Kennelly and West Coast's delapidated leader Chris Judd. If they make it on to the ground, either is capable of being a 120-point gamebreaker, or a 20-point prick.

Whatever you do, don't pick defender Matthew Egan. The big Cat's out with a broken foot.


* Join the DT Talk league (code = 648912)